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I’m Abigail, a content strategist, copywriter, blogger and motivational coach.

I help businesses create content through web copy, articles, blogs, newsletters, press releases, social media posts and more.

I began my career in Editorial and Print Media and branched off into Corporate Finance and Insurance. This career move was lucrative in helping me to create profit-generating content through business analysis for my clients .

More recently, ad agency experience gave me the opportunity to work closely with advertising and digital marketing initiatives.

 I serve solo entrepreneurs, agencies, bloggers, and businesses in finance, real estate, not for profit , digital advertising, and print media to strategize and deliver copy and social media content.

I’m also a motivational coach with a focus on life and career development.

 I enjoy working with people. I love seeing the rewards of building a vision from the ground up!

Let’s chat about I can help you.

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